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I discovered glass in 2017 when I arrived at Espace Verre. During my studies, I developed a deep passion for the work of blown glass. I graduated from Espace Verre in 2020. Since then, I have been refining my technique by following training with masters   and I learn about this unique material every day.

''In order to grow as an artist, I enter into an intimate relationship with the material in order to learn to know it. The glass is alive. By itself, it evolves and transforms. We must take care of it, listen to it and be attentive in its presence. By engaging this relationship with the molten material, I learn about its faults, its qualities and its preferences.


It is by making Venitian inspired goblets that I engage a conversation with the glass. These delicate objects, made for centuries on the island of Murano, demonstrate through the choreography required for their manufacture, all the whims and all the virtues of the material. The traditional Venetian techniques as well as the modern techniques used in the creation of these works are of great complexity and above all require knowledge of the glass. The manufacture of each piece acts as an interview with the latter. Little by little, the choreography is more fluid. The finished product reflects the harmony of my relationship with the material. Each irregularity, in the shape, the proportions and the process of manufacture of these cups, testifies to an apprenticeship to come, a new way of acting in the company of the glass which must be acquired. They are proof of this relationship that evolves and makes me grow over time. A conversation that, one day, will seal my union with matter.''

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